Posted on 4th November, 2017

Remain campaigners are often accused in newspapers, on forums or in discussion of being undemocratic in not accepting the result of the referendum. In answer to that accusation I would argue the following.

  1. We have every right to fight for what we believe in; why should we just give up? Politics is an ongoing process, after a general election the losing party doesn’t just go home and wait for five years, they continue to campaign on what they hold dear. When we lost the referendum, why should we just sit back for eternity!
  2. The actual referendum was not legally binding; it was purely an advisory referendum. If it was legally binding then there should have been a much larger threshold for change to happen (say 60% of all voters in favour of leaving).
  3. UKIP and Eurosceptic’s from other parties have spent decades campaigning to leave the EU, so why shouldn’t we have the right to campaign to remain (or if the worst happens) to re-join.
  4. The Leave side in particular based much of their campaign material on complete and utter lies. They were fully aware of this throughout, and were very quick to wash their hands of the great majority of their promises in the aftermath.
  5. Perhaps we should also remember that what is going on in government right now is totally undemocratic – talk of triggering article 50 without parliamentary discussion or agreement, and without parliamentary approval of exactly what this country is aiming for – a total disgrace! Especially from those who claimed they wanted to reclaim our democratic sovereignty.
  6. We are also accused of being unpatriotic, how can this be when we are doing our best to keep this country in one piece, and to ensure its economic and social integrity.

So it is far from undemocratic for us to fight and campaign to stay in the EU. In fact, it is our democratic duty to do so. It may seem daunting and even impossible at times, but with joint effort anything is possible. Remember that what we do is in the very best interests of our country.


Alex Pilkington - October 2016

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Totally agree. The leave campaign was so full of lies and false promises. They call themselves "Brixiteers" - I call them "Brexshitters".
Alex Pilkington's summary is excellent and sums up very well what I think too.

Robert Davies