Extract from an article by Michael Morpurgo

Posted on 25th July, 2019

In this febrile atmosphere came the referendum. I was sure the people would vote to stay in because I thought British people valued peace above all else, and the prosperity most had enjoyed for so long. Yes, there was plenty we did not like about Europe, but we would stay and put that right.

I was wrong. But I am sure, too, that the country was wrong, deluded by lies and statistics, by absurd promises. I feel we are now travelling down a path that takes us away from our friends and neighbours. We have told them we don’t like them, that we wish to divorce them. They are hurt, upset, angry. Why wouldn’t they be?


My uncles’ lives taught me that peace must come first, before prosperity. They helped make Europe a place of peace at last, of free peoples. That’s the Europe, with all its faults, I believe we belong to. That Channel of ours has saved us in the past, often. Now it threatens to separate us. Holding hands across the sea is the only way. It always was. My uncles knew that.


Michael Morpurgo - 7 May 2018 - full article in The Guardian

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"Splendid isolation" was a bad idea when we were at the height of our imperial power. Now it is ten times worse. As regards "Brexit", I cannot think of any moment in our history when we have embarked on a project so perfectly calculated to break up the United Kingdom, at the same time rendering us economically and spiritually poorer, less able to control our own destiny and more vulnerable to those who wish us harm.