Census 2021

Part of the reason we find ourselves isolated on the island of Brexit Britain is that not enough of us felt European in 2016.


One of the challenges on our path back to EU membership will be a marked change in the perception of Europe in the eyes of British citizens. We need to start feeling European, we need to feel part of the continent to which we geographically belong.


The census gives us a perfect opportunity to record that European identity. Please follow the guide below the image.

There are two relevant questions in the census. 

One question will relate to your Nationality. It is important that you answer this question accurately. This is based on your primary citizenship, if you hold a British passport (or would do, if you had one) you are British. If you hold an Irish passport you are Irish. If you hold a Polish passport you are Polish. It is also worth noting - there is no European citizenship.

One question will relate to how you describe your National Identity. This question has nothing to do with nationality or citizenship. 


If you feel European, this is where you can and should record it. Please note - you are able to tick all boxes that apply, so if you feel English, British and European you can record that.

Example: You complete your census by saying your nationality is British and your national identity is European. Your answers will add to the statistical evidence that there are lots of British people who FEEL European! 


It is perfectly legal to answer your census questions as described above. It is important to read all census questions carefully and complete each question as intended. If you can only chose one option, you must do that. If you can chose all that apply, then do so if you wish.