Renate Greenshields

Posted on 8th March, 2018

Born 1928 in Germany


I came to England from Germany as one of the first war brides in 1946, just 18 years old. I have lived on a farm in Devon for 71 years and fell in love with the beautiful Devon countryside on my first day. I could not have received a warmer welcome from anybody I met, considering it was just after the war.


Devon has become my second home. Every year I visited Germany with my husband and our five children. Likewise we had visits from German friends. Devon has become a much loved county for them as well. Our children have been brought up with English and German traditions and speak German reasonably well.


My brother was a POW and worked on farms in Devon. The friendships he made with the farmers and their families lasted for 70 years.


I was saddened and shocked by the Brexit Referendum, something I thought could never happen. Not to belong to the EU any more is to me like losing a limb.


A united Europe would be a help and good example to the rest of the world.


If I cannot be a British European I look forward to being a Devon European.


Renate Greenshields - January 2018

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Yes, the referendum was hugely shocking. We'll keep fighting to keep Britain in Europe!