Adam Kociński

Posted on 8th March, 2018

Born 1983 in Poland


In 2007 my story with the UK started when I visited a friend in Wales. Spending two weeks in Cardiff, exploring the city and British culture, I really enjoyed the experience. I then decided that I would like to come back and find out more about this country. The result is that I've been working here as an EU citizen since 2011.


In December 2011 I came to the UK for a few months to study English and get used to British customs. London seemed to be a perfect place for this, offering a unique historical and multi-cultural atmosphere. The experience and knowledge I gained there contributed to this country becoming my home for longer than I had planned initially.


I used my time to travel to different parts of the UK and to meet new people, which meant that I moved from the great capital to a destination known for its extraordinarily beautiful nature: Devon! Here I started applying my skills in working with metal, and I extended my education at Exeter College by acquiring expertise in the production of fireplaces, and in managing their production. All of these activities involved many people from across the country and from Europe with whom I learnt, worked, and shared my experience as a team leader. In many cases deep friendships were formed, something that would never have happened if I hadn’t come to England. Today, I owe the UK a debt of gratitude for giving me the opportunity to become happy and to make England a new home for this Polish-born European.


I believe a country is made up of people who are creating reality, and new potential, every day. The origin of these people shouldn’t matter; what matters are the contributions they are making to the country. This country, by history and present, is, and always will be, a part of Europe and I deeply believe that a strong Britain and a strong Europe mean the same.

Adam Kociński - December 2017 


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Thank you for sharing this Adam. We need more people like you who contribute so much to this country.