General Election Volunteer Team

You can make a real difference in this General Election, over and above voting tactically. How? Join our special Devon for Europe General Election Volunteer Team. Once signed up, you will be invited to help candidates in constituencies where you can make the most difference, regardless of their party.

How It Works 

We will pass on requests for help from candidates and then it is entirely up to you whether you volunteer or not. Activities could range from leafleting to stuffing envelopes to canvassing. You choose what you do and don’t do. You choose which constituency you wish to help in. There will be no pressure, just information about the opportunities to help.


Sign Up

You can sign up by clicking on this link and filling in the brief information and consent form so that we can contact you specifically about the GEVT.



Our objective is simple - to return as many pro-remain, pro-People’s Vote MPs as possible and to deny Johnson a majority. If he gets a majority, we will almost certainly Brexit. It's as simple as that. We have to stop him and the Brexiter Conservatives. The ONLY realistic way to do this is by voting tactically and we need to get that messsage out to as many people as possible. The tactical vote candidates can be found here.

Not For You?

Our street stall activities continue, with a focus on voter registration and explaining tactical voting. Please continue to support stall leaders Simon, Terry, Julian, Sarah, Teresa and John and the rest of the team. Keep checking the events diary for information. Our presence in key seats is really important.


Never helped on a stall before? Not a problem. We have all been there; you will receive support and training. Sign up to volunteer on stalls.