Big Deal!

Posted on 19th March, 2020

Big Deal


Donald Trump, in the lead-up to the recent UK election, claimed that Britain would get a great trade deal with America. A government report from the Department of Trade now reveals that our economy would grow by 0.16% at most from such a deal, while a previous government report showed that the UK economy would be 7.6% smaller if we leave without a deal with the EU.


But what might we also get with a US/UK deal? 


In place of the current stringent EU food regulations, according to Nick Deardon, Director of Global Justice, we could end up with the following:

  • chlorinated chicken, along with the US's higher rates of food poisoning
  • anti-biotic meat from animals that never see the sunlight and may be fed with ratopamine which is banned in the EU, Russia and China
  • genetically modified foods
  • milk products containing more pus and as many as 72 chemicals that are banned in the EU
  • unsafe baby foods


Big deal...


Michael Temple

Sidmouth Herald, Friday March 13



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