Vaccines and the EMA

Posted on 19th March, 2020

Going It Alone?


Only 36% of the electorate, according to a recent poll, trust Boris Johnson's handling of the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK. At the same time Johnson has just ruled out any extension of UK/EU trade talks. And the UK will be pulling out of the European Medicines Agency on December 31 this year. This means that Britain will no longer be part of the EU regulatory regime for the “accelerated assessment” of drugs, including vaccines.


In addition, as the Daily Mail points out, the UK is pulling out of the European Pandemic Early Warning system, against the advice of many in the medical profession.


EU countries are likely to band together next year to procure a vaccine against Coronavirus. As a result, medical professionals and lawyers have warned that the UK may have to go to the back of the queue as well as pay more for the vaccine.



Mike Temple Western

Morning News 18-03-2020-EMA/vaccine


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