Brexit Extension

Posted on 25th March, 2020
The announcement by Mr Johnson of further restriction on our mobility by closing opportunities for infection is absolutely right,  I would expect more to come. It is imperative we reduce the rate of infection so that the accumulating numbers are manageable by our NHS staff   We as individuals and Parliament as government do need to be absolutely single minded about working to avoiding infection – lowering the infection rate.. By lowering the rate our NHS can manage Corona, more people will survive who might other wise not
It follows that other personal and government aims and wishes must be put on one side. There are two other issues at a national level that need to be put on hold.  Climate Change legislation and its potential economic effect on a Britain  weakened by the Coronavirus shut down  and Brexit.  Since Brexit is man made, man can close it. It is time to put it in a cupboard and lock the doors for 12 months. The E U would readily agree – they also want to concentrate all their efforts on dealing with the pandemic so normal working and trade relations can resume. 
Devon for Europe, with its many thousands of supporters are now supporting a national petition to delay Brexit on its Facebook page.  I can imagine for many such a  postponement of a declared aim would be tantamount to loss of face for many people who have long supported the leave the E U campaign.  This is not a cancellation it is a postponement.. in the national interest.  I would say this ...loosing face is not as important as losing lives. Put another way... saving lives is more important than saving face.  I would hope that many leave supporters will see  the sense of a postponement. E U government's and ours being much better and effectively employed dealing with the single minded task of surviving the Corona pandemic.
Don Frampton, 25 3 2020

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