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Posted on 2nd April, 2020

The enormous People's Vote march in London a fortnight ago ended with a programme of speeches. Among those sharing the platform were speakers from all the main political parties. At other times this would have been quite remarkable, but now it has become normal for events warning of the dangers of leaving the EU.


People ask the MPs "Since you are all agreeing on this, why can't you come together on other issues? Why can't we have consensus politics?"


The problems caused by the 2016 referendum have exposed the inadequacy of the present parliamentary system. It has not been able to cope with a major national decision. There is now a grass roots demand for a better way of running the country.


Thanks to our MP, Totnes could well be centre stage in crafting a new model for national politics. We are renowned for our creativity; let us be ready to put it to good use.


Roger Porkess, Totnes Times

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