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Posted on 2nd April, 2020

This election is not like any other because we are not voting for just 5 years but for the long term future of our country. It is the Brexit election. It is now 3½ years since the referendum and during that time the true meaning of leaving the EU has become much clearer.


The prime minister has required all the Conservative candidates to pledge support for his deal but its predicted consequences do not make good reading.

  • Most people are worse off financially. International companies are reluctant to locate their operations in the UK and some move elsewhere in Europe, reducing employment opportunities.
  • The UK is forced into unfavourable and undesirable trade deals, not least with the United States. Much of the National Health Service is privatised.
  • Our society becomes more introspective and less tolerant of diverse views; hate crime increases, much of it directed at minority groups.
  • The United Kingdom breaks up into separate countries. The Good Friday Agreement unravels with the possibility of violence returning to Northern Ireland.


Before marking their ballot papers on December 12th everyone should think long and hard, knowing that voting for the prime minister's party is effectively voting for some or all of these things to happen. Do we really want to squander our heritage?


Voting should of course be about what we do want, about the sort of country we want to live in and to bequeath to our children and grandchildren. It should be a positive choice rather than just avoiding what we don't want.


  • We certainly want to be a prosperous country and that means trading fairly within the global economy.
  • We should cherish our human rights, including those of employees, neither allowing ourselves to be exploited nor exploiting others.
  • We should be outward looking and committed to working with other countries. This will enable us to make our full contribution to the culture and science of the world we all live in, as a country and as individuals.
  • At home we should glory in the diversity and richness of cultures that make up modern Britain. We should absorb them into our evolving sense of national identity, as we have done throughout our history.


These aspirations will all be fostered by remaining in the EU and this election is an opportunity to vote for them.


Roger Porkess

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