Archive: Brexit Vote - Impact on UK. Open letter to MPs

Posted on 2nd April, 2020

In the next few days you will be voting on a number of Brexit-related issues. Before doing so, please consider the following six statements. They are all commonly predicted consequences of leaving the EU.


  1. Many businesses will close leading to an increase in unemployment.
  2. Most people will be worse off financially.
  3. The UK will be forced into unfavourable and undesirable trade deals.
  4. Our society will become less harmonious and more fragmented.
  5. The Good Friday Agreement will unravel and violence will return to Northern Ireland.
  6. Scotland will leave the UK.


Do you believe that even one of these predictions is likely to come true? If the answer is Yes, then surely your conscience must require you to vote to remain in the EU at this stage. It is, after all, your responsibility to protect the future of our country.


Roger Porkess


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