Extension Letter to Mel Stride from a supporter

Posted on 12th June, 2020
Dear Mel Stride
I am writing to you as my constituency MP because I am extremely concerned about how the Covid 19 virus is quite understandably pre occupying both the Government and the Civil Service at the expense of other matters. Therefore it has become a major distraction to the highly important negotiations of a vital trade agreement with the European Union and the impending deadline of the end of the current transitional period at the end of December
We already are aware of devastating effect of the Covid 19 virus on the British economy. The recent OECD report predicts an 11.5% contraction in the year ahead and that the UK will be negatively effected more than any other developed economy. Therefore it is vital that we achieve a satisfactory trade agreement with the EU to allow a continuation of smooth customs free
movement of components and products used in manufacturing industry especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. My son is a Manager at Jaguar Land Rover, who calculate that without a satisfactory EU/UK trade agreement, their costs will increase by £500 million annually. This of course will extend over many areas of British industry from Nissan to Airbus Industries to name but a few.
Likewise the effects on UK agriculture for a no deal settlement could also be devastating. We have had assurances from your Government, that the highest standards quality of British food and animal welfare be maintained and even enhanced upon exit from the EU. I now read, that we shall have to acquiesce to having chlorine washed chicken and hormone raised beef at the insistence of US agribusiness, as part of a negotiated trade agreement with the USA. This of course will have a very adverse effect on British farming, as well as a lowering of standards on the quality of food on our plates.
I am making a plea to you as MP and Chair of Treasury Select Committee the to use your influence to persuade your government to be open to extending the deadline for EU/UK trade negotiations, so that greater focus can be given so that a mutually satisfactory outcome may be made. In this way we shall hopefully reduce the negative effects of a no deal Brexit to the British economy and farming.
From a DfE supporter

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