The People's Vote

The Government's own studies reveal that every form of Brexit will leave our country worse off. There is no Brexit dividend, only Brexit cost.


Do you trust our government to make the right choice for you? If the answer is NO, then you need to sign up to (and share with your friends and family) the Peoples Vote campaign, to ask the people if the negotiated deal is what they actually want, or whether, after considering the facts in front of them, they would actually prefer to remain in the EU. It's the only democratic option.

Four Paths to a People's Vote

The following is from Best for Britain, and summarises the main options open to MPs very well.


MPs have roads they can take to get through this mess. We need to tell them to pick one.


1. Amendments to the Meaningful Vote Motion
MPs expect to vote on the government's deal on 15th January. The vote could be amended to specify what happens if the deal is voted down, or to require a referendum before the deal can be approved.


2. Replacing no deal with a Final Say
MPs could force an amendment to the Finance Bill that gives the government permission to collect income tax and corporation tax. These need to be renewed by Parliament every year and MPs could refuse to approve it for the next financial year unless they give us the final say.


3. Voting down the deal and negotiating a Final Say
After voting down the deal on the 15th January, MPs could negotiate with the government to get a people's vote in return for passing the government's Brexit deal - on condition that the people also approve.


4. Demonstration of political support to get no deal off the table
MPs can make No Deal politically unthinkable. The Opposition could gather cross-party support to hold up all other government business until there is agreement on a people's vote and No Deal is taken off the table.