About Us

Our Organisation - Devon for Europe is an independently constituted grassroots campaign organisation. Our legal structure is an Unincorporated Association.


Devon for Europe was founded in September 2016 as a Facebook group with two members and has expanded rapidly to become one of the biggest local pro EU campaign organisations in the country.


Devon for Europe was affiliated to Britain for Europe, a national voice for local campaign organisations from across the United Kingdom. We also supported the People's Vote campaign and March for Change.


We are affiliated to Grassroots for Europe and work closely with other pro EU campaign organisations both regionally and nationally. We promote national joint campaigns when they tie in with our own aims and objectives. 


Together with all of the other local and national organisations active in the UK, we are part of the largest pro EU campaign in the whole of Europe. This a remarkable achievement, especially considering the short span of time in which it has happened. 


Devon for Europe is run entirely by dedicated volunteers who together form the Admin Team. We rely on hundreds of equally dedicated volunteers who are active on our street stalls, writing letters and delivering leaflets.  


Devon for Europe receives no national funding (or funding from the EU). We are funded entirely by donations from our supporters and from the sale of products in our online shop. 

Our Aims and Objectives - Devon for Europe is a local, non party-political campaign organisation committed to the United Kingdom being a member state of the European Union. We believe that the best interests of our country are served through full and active participation in the European community and in shaping the EU’s future.