Devon for Europe Declaration

Devon for Europe campaigned hard for a confirmatory vote to allow people to review the reality of Brexit against the promises made by the Leave campaign. It was clear from our interactions on the streets that there is a strong bond with Europe, its people and its values.


Today, many people in Devon will be feeling a huge sense of loss and dismay as we leave the European Union. They will not be celebrating the loss of rights and freedoms that have been the birthright of many or the impact of that loss on those who have chosen to make their lives here. Nor will they be seduced by the UK Government’s spinning of Brexit as a triumph no matter what actually happens to real people’s lives, jobs and opportunities.


Brexit is not ‘done’. The hard part has yet to begin as we negotiate our future relationship with the EU. Brexit’s intrinsic contradictions will have nowhere to hide. We believe that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is not in the interests of our country and is already damaging our international reputation and influence. 


Devon for Europe will continue to hold this Government to account as it seeks to bypass parliamentary scrutiny; to call out and correct falsehoods; to uphold and defend our shared European values and to give a voice to the growing body of citizens unhappy with the direction this country is taking politically, economically and socially.


The Devon for Europe Admin Team - 31 January 2020

The Campaign

Britain leaving the EU at 11pm on 31st January 2020 was an exceptionally sad day for all those that hold the best interests of our country to heart. It marked a low point in our history, an unprecedented and catastrophic act of self harm.


Despite the spin, Brexit is NOT done. We face years of negotiations as the nature of our future relationship with the EU is decided. The impossible time-scales, the lies surrounding the benefits, the Irish border. It is all still there. 


The Next Phase

The change in the circumstances resulting from our departure of the EU obviously means we need to recalibrate our campaign. But one thing is sure, the campaign must and will continue. 


Since the General Election, the Devon for Europe Admin Team have been working on strategy for the months ahead. This is not a time for knee jerk reactions. This is a time to regroup and build on the powerful campaign force we have already built.


Progress to date (early February 2020):

  • had multiple Admin Team meetings
  • run a supporter survey (which had 1290 unique responses)
  • are in the process of running strategy meetings for volunteers in the area sub-teams across Devon. Once completed, findings from each team will be presented to the Admin Team in a special meeting
  • canvassed the views of volunteers by email
  • attended a national conference for over 150 groups like ours from across the country

Once the above is completed we will be deciding on a clear strategy for the new phase of our campaign. The broad range of input from supporters, volunteers, Admin Team members and the national organisations we work with will ensure we end up with an effective, high impact campaign. One which will hopefully have maximum buy-in from our supporters and volunteers.