The Campaign

Two years on from the referendum and our political leaders have botched Brexit, the country is heading for disaster and a democratic failure that only a People's Vote can fix. 


Unfortunately it is unlikely that our politicians will have the courage to reject Brexit; so the only alternative is for them to hand the decision back to us, to give us a People's Vote on the facts and on a defined negotiated deal, with the option to remain in the EU.


Devon for Europe is a campaign group focused on a single aim - stopping Brexit through democratic means. See About Us for more detail on our objectives.


We carry out regular street stalls all over Devon, hold meetings, and arrange larger speaker events and social events.


Here are some messages of support from some of our South West MEPs.

In September and early October 2018 we are running our first door to door leafleting campaign, with an initial target of delivering a leaflet to 50,000 Devon homes. We have ordered an addtional 25,000, and hope to manage even more! Here are some messages of encouragement from our South West MEPs, aimed at our leafleting volunteers.

See more videos on our YouTube channel