Questioning Brexit

Posted on 4th November, 2017

Members of Devon for Europe travelled up to Westminster to join 500 attendees at the pro-EU conference organised by Britain for Europe on behalf of Britain for Europe, European Movement, Scientists for EU and Healthier IN in the EU.

Speakers at the conference stressed that an exit without a deal was a disastrous outcome for the UK. Current negotiations are deadlocked and Brexit is in a mess.

Many members took time to personally meet their MPs and bring to their attention concerns about the current state of Brexit. Cheryl Cottle-Hunkin, a farmers daughter, met her MP Geoffrey Cox eager to discuss the effects of Brexit upon agriculture and the challenges that the farming community faced as a result of Brexit.

Ben Bradshaw met a delegation outside the Houses of Parliament where a vibrant anti-Brexit demonstration was taking place. Ben was especially interested in the effects on industry. Exeter sent 70% of its exports to the EU in 2014, whilst the South West has the highest percentage of exports to the EU of all UK regions.

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