53% of voters in the South West would now vote Remain, Channel 4 poll reveals

Posted on 5th November, 2018

A Channel 4-commissioned Survation poll, the largest independent survey since the Referendum of 2016, showed that 54% of people in the UK, 53% in the South West, would now choose to remain in the EU.


Devon for Europe spokesperson, Anthea Simmons said,


“The case for a People’s Vote is now irrefutable. Twenty eight months on, people are realising that the Brexit that was promised to them is simply not deliverable. Devon for Europe is much heartened by this shift in opinion but recognises that there is more to do.

We’ve been working hard on the streets to explain why we are better, stronger and more able to tackle the issues that led to Brexit if we remain members of the EU. It’s great to see this change of heart, but our task is not done. We need to secure our democratic right to vote on whatever form of Brexit Theresa May brings back (which almost all politicians now agree will harm the economy) or to remain in the EU and retain the great deal we already have. We can then take up our rightful role in helping to reform and develop the EU - itself the greatest peace project of our times - whilst rebuilding the UK and investing in its people.

For two long years, Government’s eye has been off the ball. We need to get back to the real issues - the NHS, education, lack of investment, homelessness.We must reach out to heal the wounds inflicted by Brexit. If the people decided to stop Brexit, that would be the biggest step towards getting back on track. So, we urge politicians to give the people a final say. The will of the people has changed. Respect that.”

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