Posted on 26th January, 2019

The large cohort of Devon for Europe supporters who had made the trip up to London to be part of the demonstration and rally outside Parliament,  were overjoyed last night (Tuesday) as the big screens outside Parliament displayed the live feed of the massive defeat inflicted in the ‘Meaningful Vote’ on Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement.


This historic moment was the culmination of the ‘Decision Day Live’ event, staged by the People’s Vote Campaign. Speakers included MPs from all parties, bar the DUP, and representatives of youth groups and the NHS. Anthea Simmons, of Devon for Europe, spoke on behalf of grassroots campaigners across the UK who have transformed the People’s Vote ambition into the powerful political proposition that it is today.

Commenting after the overwhelming vote, Anthea said,

“This is a result with a message to politicians and people alike: Brexit promises are undeliverable and there is no form of Brexit, especially No Deal, which does not make us poorer, weaker and with less control over our destiny.  Backed into a corner, there is only one way out: take it back to the people and ask them if this is what they want, or should we bin Brexit and start focusing on the real challenges facing us all.”

Chair of Devon for Europe, Alex Pilkington added,

“It is now crystal clear that the Brexit promised in 2016 will not, and can not be delivered. The government have well and truly botched Brexit, and this view is shared by many, whether they voted leave or remain last time. The only acceptable and democratic outcome is to ask the British people if they really wish to leave the EU and, once the vote of no confidence is over, we can expect MPs from across the political spectrum to rally behind a People’s Vote as their only way out of this mess’.


Anthea Simmons/Chris Bray - 16/01/19

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